Mr.Parthasarathy, Founder/CEO of iSolve Technologies featured in Dagens Perspektiv (Today’s Perspective) Oslo’s Weekly Newspaper

Entrepreneurship is often about too little money, too little time and too much stress. As an entrepreneur, you put your head on the block and your own reputation in the pot. Still, it is important that someone dares.

– Mr.Parthasarathy, Founder/CEO of iSolve technologies

Indian iSolve helps businesses better communicate with their customers through a variety of technological tools and data analytics. The company has had customers in Europe for almost 15 years, and in Norway for the last 8 years wrote the weekly newspaper in their article.

They published Mr.Parthasarathy’s keynote speech about how to overcome entrepreneurship challenges at NIEC conference held at Oslo,Norway on November 1st. The article also covered some of his entrepreneurship ideas and evaluation factors on how to build a successful business.

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About iSolve Technologies:​

iSolve Technologies is one of the fastest growing business transformation companies in the world.  A global company founded on the 3 pillars of Consulting, Technology Development, and Service Delivery. We work with some of the best brands across the world and serve a variety of sectors including banking, BFSI, logistics, publishing, retail solutions, real estate, healthcare solutions, telecom, engineering, asset management and much more. Our services include media monitoring, scanning, document management, telecommunicationprint media monitoring, web crawling, social media monitoring, eBook conversion, CAF Management for telecom, typesetting, publishing, process consulting and service delivery, end to end Enterprise Content Management, IT services and Business Transformation consulting.