The Company

SSPO is a renowned enterprise headquartered in Dubai, UAE

Key Challenges

Lack of comprehensive Document Management System.

Space constrains for storing physical documents.

Delays in the retrieval of physical documents

Absence of automated workflow.

Scale and complexity of capturing and processing million number of documents with varying fonts and styles

Highly confidential nature of documents

Our Business Transformation

Created robust platform to scan data from various sources.

Digitized all physical documents with location tracking.

Flexibility to create folder structure as per the customer’s requirement.

Maintain versions of the same document.

Provide maker/checker to review captured data.

Smart dashboards to track data progress.

The Benefits and Business Impact

  • Reduced storage space
  • Enhanced security
  • Improved regulatory compliance
  • Easy Retrieval of data for review / audit.
  • Document sharing, tracking and archiving made easy.

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