Vodafone India is the Indian subsidiary of UK-based Vodafone group plc., the world’s second-largest mobile phone company.Nationally, Vodafone enjoys a huge market share and is the second largest telecommunications network in India.


With a large network of subscribers in a vastly populous country like India, Vodafone faced a challenge in efficiently managing the Subscriber Activation Process that included several steps in logistics, data capture, Data audit, KYC check, De-dupe, Storage of paper forms for instant retrieval. Potential delays in activation’s lead to revenue loss and customer attrition. The risk of costly DOT penalties for non-traceable forms and duplicate customers were high and needed immediate remedies.


After intense brainstorming and hypothesis, iflow, we developed and implemented a fully integrated platform to track the Customer Acquisition Life Cycle, ensuring seamless integration with any telecom native software, right from SIM sales & Retailer Activation till the very end – CAF reaching the Warehouse and stored for instant retrieval


  • A complete end-to-end platform for CAF / Image / Data Transfer
  • Role-based access to distributors, activation officers, auditors, data entry team, VF and iSolve associates.
  • End-to-end tracking of forms.
  • Creates visibility for the logistics team for their preparedness.
  • Ensure transparency of the entire system.
  • Logic to track 100% customer application forms at warehouse to avoid DOT penalty
  • Centralized audit and entry operations for faster activation.

Transformation Achieved!